Supplementary feed for horses

Our E-VET+ Relax Liquid is based on the combination of magnesium and the natural power of lemon balm.

The innovative composition of our E-VET+ Relax Liquid can help nervous and jumpy horses to be more calm and composed. Magnesium is known to have a positive effect on muscles and nerves. Its intake can reduce stress and the release of the stress hormone cortisol. It can also promote relaxed muscles and increase general motivation. Lemon balm is a medicinal plant that has been valued for centuries and is often used in human nutrition in sleep or nerve teas. In the animal feed industry, lemon balm is often used due to its calming and antispasmodic effect. The feed supplement is suitable for all horses that tend to be nervous, jumpy, restless and prone to stress. Relax Liquid is ADMR-compliant, not doping-relevant and can therefore also be used for nervous horses at competitions.

The advantages at a glance:

  • With the natural power of lemon balm
  • Has a positive effect on nerves and muscles
  • Suitable for use at competitions
  • Reduces stress and improves performance

chlorid hořečnatý
Hrubý protein 0,3 %
Hrubý popel 4,1 %
Hrubé oleje a tuky 0,2 %
Hrubá vláknina 1,0 %
Hořčík 2,0 %
Mischung aus Aromastoffen (Extrakt der Blätter der Zitronenmelisse (Melissa officinalis L.)) SA 1820 mg
Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)-Extrakt SA 1420 mg
Sorbinsäure aus Kaliumsorbat (1k202) TA 525 mg
Zitronensäure (1a330) TA 230 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zoological additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensorischer Zusatzstoffe
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