Flüssigkonzentrat für ein gesundes Immunsystem

EMH Chicken Vitality-Direct is a liquid concentrate that naturally promotes the immune system and intestinal flora of your chickens. Stress and other strain such as disease can destroy and change intestinal flora. Bacteria, which produce fermenting and acidic substances as they metabolise, thrive here. Different decomposition products can have a very adverse impact on the entire metabolism, leading to an impaired immune system. The regular use of EMH Chicken Vitality-Direct improves the bioavailability of the nutrients and active ingredients provided. The fermented plant extract from highly effective herbs naturally supports the metabolic processes and restores equilibrium.

The benefits at a glance:

  • can support the immune system & the intestinal flora
  • increases well-being
  • optimal feed conversion

fermentovaný rostlinný extrakt (EMH)100,00 %
Hrubý popel0,1 %
Hrubý protein0,1 %
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