Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Pferde

The perfect treat for older horses and horses with dental problems

More and more older horses can be seen enjoying life out at pasture – even sometimes still actively being ridden – or perhaps as a playmate, companion, or as a schoolmaster for the youngsters. Horses are no longer only used as workers or for sport, but are an integral family member, which are not, as they say, simply pushed to one side in older years.
The most common problem with these older equines - the teeth
Intact teeth are usually a thing of the past. Wear and tear, and missing teeth lead to biting difficulties. As a result, the horse is no longer able to chew its food enough.
Nevertheless, old horses also want to be rewarded or given a treat, and that gave us the idea to develop a corresponding senior reward and treat product.
Our Lecker Bricks Senior (Tasty Bricks Senior) are noticeably softer than the traditional Lecker Bricks, can be broken very easily without crumbling, so that horses with dental problems have no problems chewing them.

Stravitelné bílkoviny (vRp): 67,7 g/kg preceacal digestible protein (pcvRp): 57,8 g/kg Stravitelná energie (MJ DE): 9,8 MJ DE/kg Metabolizable energy (MJ ME): 8,7 MJ ME/kg

ovesné otruby37,1 %
pšeničné otruby31,3 %
ovocné (jablečné) výlisky sušené18,8 %
řepná melasa5,3 %
ječmen3,8 %
uhličitan vápenatý3,1 %
Hrubý protein9,00 %
Hrubá vláknina16,00 %
Hrubé oleje a tuky3,20 %
Hrubý popel8,50 %
Vápník1,40 %
Fosfor0,50 %
Sodík0,07 %
Propionsäure aus Calciumpropionat (1a282) TA2.747,00 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zoological additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensorischer Zusatzstoffe
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