Shell-free scatter feed for the very special beak pleasure.

Our Eggersmann volaris TERRACEgrain Mix is the shell-free master mix made from selected ingredients tailored to the needs of domestic birds and wild birds. It is particularly suitable for year-round feeding on balconies or terraces, as it does not contain any shells that remain lying around! With the important fat- and energy-rich ingredients and the unique mixture such as crunchy cereal flakes, shelled sunflower seeds and peanuts, you offer the domestic birds an optimal natural recipe that makes the bird's heart beat faster and ensures a very special beak pleasure.

The natural habitats and the associated food supply of our wild birds are constantly changing and becoming increasingly scarce. Help to preserve our diverse bird life by feeding them all year round. The natural cycle of the seasons demands a lot of energy from the birds, if you supplement feed, the wild birds will be grateful for your support and delight you with their cheerful chirping.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Wild bird feed rich in fat and therefore rich in energy
  • Optimal for free-living birds for year-round feeding
  • Shell-free - ideal for balcony & terrace

pšenice (vločkovaná)
oves (vločkovaný)
Sunflower seed, dehulled
kukuřice (vločkovaná)
řepkový olej
Hrubý popel1,60 %
Hrubá vláknina2,85 %
Hrubé oleje a tuky12,50 %
Hrubý protein12,50 %
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